Snapchat Wedding Filter

Congratulations! Your boyfriend/girlfriend (now fiancé) officially proposed! Now all you need is to plan for your big day. Finally. You probably already have it kind of figured out… aka you probably have a Pinterest Board or five with your favorite wedding ideas. After all, everyone knows that Pinterest is probably the best tool for planning your dream wedding. However, there is one thing that will set your wedding apart from the other future brides of your town: a Snapchat Wedding Filter. That’s right, you heard me clearly. Snapchat Wedding GeoFilters are now a thing, and they’re here to stay.

As of February 2016, Snapchat lets people pay to have their own designs as a filter based on the chosen location. The location has to be between 20,000 – 500,000 sqft (at the time of posting this… this could change though). This is truly incredible when thinking about the POSSIBILITIES! Hence, the whole reason we wrote this awesome article about how to get a Snapchat Wedding Filter of your own.

The Solution: Company Friends Snapchat Wedding Filter

After finding this out, Company Friends was quick to respond. As a company that specializes in both promoting local business, and creating custom designs for weddings, we feel like this is the perfect opportunity to create something unique and exciting for our community of Future Brides!

A couple of examples of what we can do:




Snapchat Wedding Filter Setup & Design $150


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